If you come here, it is a reliable sign that you value your privacy. I understand this perfectly. That’s why I have prepared for you this document, in which you will find the rules for the processing of personal data and the use of cookies in connection with the use of the website www.Poshland.Pro

The data controller is me – Damian Garbus. My contact email address is [email protected]. Data protection is carried out by the requirements of the generally applicable law, and their storage takes place on secured servers.

If you have any doubts about the privacy policy, you can contact me at any time by sending a message to [email protected].

Short version – the most important information

I care about your privacy but also about your time. That’s why I’ve prepared an abridged version of the most important rules related to privacy protection.

  1. You give me your personal information by creating a user account, placing an order, submitting a complaint, withdrawing from the contract, adding a comment, subscribing to the newsletter, signing up for a webinar, or just contacting me. I guarantee that your data will remain secure and will not be made available to any third party without your express consent.
  2. I entrust the processing of personal data only to verified and trusted entities providing services related to running a blog, selling products on the blog, and sending e-mail information.
  3. I use Google Analytics analytical tools that collect information about your website visits, such as the subpages you have viewed, the time you spent on the website, and the transitions between individual subpages. For this purpose, Google LLC cookies are used for the Google Analytics service. As part of Google Analytics, I collect demographic and interest data. As part of the cookie settings, you can decide whether you agree to collect such data about yourself or not.
  4. I use marketing tools, such as Facebook Pixel, to send personalized ads to you on Facebook. This is related to the use of Facebook cookies. As part of the cookie settings, you can decide whether you agree to use Pixel Facebook for me in your case or not.
  5. I provide the opportunity to use social functions, such as sharing content on social networks and subscribing to a social profile. These functions may involve cookies for social network administrators such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  6. I can embed on video sites from YouTube and Vimeo. To this end, Google LLC cookies are used for the YouTube service, and cookies from Vimeo Inc. Cookies are only loaded when the video is played.
  7. I use my cookies for the website to work properly.

If the above information is insufficient, you will find further details below.

General Information

You can also always ask me to provide you with information about what data I have about you and for what purposes I process it. Just send a message to [email protected]. However, I have made every effort to ensure that this privacy policy comprehensively presents the information you are interested in. You can also use the e-mail address given above if you have any questions about processing your personal data.

  1. The data administrator is me – Damian Garbus. My contact email address is [email protected]. Data protection is carried out by the requirements of the generally applicable law, and their storage takes place on secured servers.
  2. For better reception of the Privacy Policy, the term “User” has been replaced with the term “You”, “Administrator,” – “I”. The term “RODO” means Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals about the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC.

RODO grants you the following potential rights related to the processing of your data:

What personal data do I collect and when?

Personal data can help identify you with, e.g. name, surname, e-mail address, and IP address (in some cases). I collect user data in various forms, such as:

Why do I collect this data?

We collect this data for the following purposes:

If the consent of the user is the basis, the user can cancel it at any time by clicking the “Cancel subscription” link in each message or by contacting us directly at: [email protected]

Who has access to the data we collect?

Your data can be processed by my subcontractors, i.e. entities whose services I use to process my data and provide services to you or order in the online store.

The above entities in contracts with us have committed not to use, share, or store personal data that we entrust to them in a manner other than those agreed with us and serving the purposes of which we spoke earlier.

Cookie files and other tracking technologies

My website, like almost all other websites, uses cookies to provide you with the best experience of using the site.

Cookies are small text information stored on your device (eg computer, tablet, smartphone) that my IT system can read.

Cookies allow me to: